One on One Sewing Classes for Adults

****Closed for social distancing until further notice***Do you have a great fashion sense and always wanted to learn how to sew? Now is the time to take advantage of our one on one sewing classes with experienced sewing professional Shamara Sloan. Gain specialize knowledge and experience each class working closely with her. Shamara is self taught and have years of experience to share. She has taught numerous kids how to sew from age 7 and up. 

This program is designed for serious students that wants to invest in themselves and their future. A weekly commitment of a few hours every week and within a year you will learn how to sew with a sewing machine and serger, receive help with starting your own sewing business, learn how to price your garments, gain knowledge on how to work with customers, receive fabric and sewing resources, and much more. Click book class online below to view available schedules and book your class!


 Terms and Conditions: No refunds, make-up class only if schedule permits, 144 sewing class hours equals to one year experience, help with starting up business and website after a year of experience has been gained. Sewing machines are provided during class.Classes are held on the west-side of Jacksonville, FL location will be emailed after session is paid for. Experience and knowledge gained from classes depends on commitment of student. Additional questions please contact us.